How It Works

Thank you for considering supporting this unique historic event. Helping out is easy and remember 75% of the proceeds will be going to Charity!

  1. Decide you want to contribute.
  2. Determine how much you would like to Contribute (Min.1 section for $4.50)
  3. Add a message, photo, and URL to your wall.
  4. Complete the contribution and make history.
  5. View your page and share it with the world.
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Fun Facts

  • The wall is estimated about 2000 miles
  • Sections are about 10 feet wide and 45 feet tall
  • There are about 1,056,000 sections in 2000 miles



  • The minimum contribution is $4.50 for one section, but, you can buy more than one.
  • Personalize your wall, add a message for $1.00, and an image and URL for $3.00 more.
  • Share your wall with others so they can make history too.

Contribute Now

You can donate publicly and include your name, business name, message, and logo/image to displayed on the wall, but, we also recognize that not all donors want to have their name published. So, we created a real easy way to help. Simply Click Here, and you can make selections on what if anything is displayed publicly. None of your information will be shared, you can simply select one of the default designs for the purchase which will be displayed, and if choosen you can still write an anonymous message or upload an image.


Contribution Breakdowns:

75% of the Contribution Amount will be split among four charities equally:

25% will be kept by us. We estimate this to break down as follows:

  • 5% Fees
  • 5% Technolgy
  • 5% Marketing/Professional Services
  • and 10% Profit.  Yes, we would like to earn some money for our work.

Payments to the organizations will be made as the wall progresses.  At quarter contribution goal thresholds we will issue checks and make copies available.  In the event that it is not accepted by any of these organizations, we will select another one and let you know as well.

This is not a scam, our livelihoods as professional digital marketers and technologists are at stake here.  We will make sure the 75% is donated.

Contribute Now

Are you ready to make history?

Build that wall in support or protest